Providing housing &
teaching self-reliance

With support from the tiny house movement and those that live the tiny lifestyle.

Who are we?


We are a charity organization that provides affordable housing by building sustainable tiny house communities. We also provide coaching on self-reliance for those that need a helping hand to better their lives.

We are a beacon of hope.

We are A Tiny Change.

We will stand tall and strong in the face of adversity.

We will be a united voice for those that have been denied shelter and to teach self-reliance to those that have never experienced opportunity as we have.

We are prepared to face down the governments that would deny us sustainable living and rally the people to unite against these oppositions.

Only together can we build a more sustainable future.

What are we doing?

We recognized that many people have a strong desire to utilize tiny houses to resolve many of our society’s problems, such as affordable housing.

However, zoning and legality of tiny houses poses a real issue and threat to success.

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to legalize tiny houses.

But we’ve also seen success in many cities across the USA.

We are studying the success of these people to build a blueprint that we will share with you (and the world) for free.

On top of that, we are taking action with our own blueprint and perfecting the pathway to success. We will use it to provide housing to low-income families and individuals.

Our success is your success.

This blueprint will give a foundation and proven path to success for all people. To help you build sustainable tiny house communities for people from all walks of life.

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